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Don't Shoot the Cat!!

A new Bill proposed in Wisconsin USA would see feral cats as an unprotected species, which hunters with a small game license could then shoot.

Amidst much controversy the bill has been proposed under the, frankly laughable, proposition that feral cats kill somewhere between 47 - 139 million song birds, game birds and small mammals in the USA every year.

How such an accurate number (sarcasm) has been calculated seems to be a closely guarded secret, and no one, it seems, is willing to spill the beans.

The fact that annually man kills more of each of these species than cats, and the fact that shooting feral cats will do virtually nothing to the size of the population has seemingly escaped the attention of those proposing the bill.

The danger of domestic cats being mistakenly shot has not been ignored. Mark Smith of La Crosse, Wisconsin, with whom the proposed bill apparently originates, is reported as making the following intelligent and well reasoned argument - "If you open the door and kick your cat out at night you've changed its status." - well said Mark - NOT!

A web site has been set up to oppose the bill at http://www.dontshootthecat.com - so if you live in the USA please visit the site and lend your support.

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