One Goal, One Passion, Happy Cats!

"Cats were put into the world to disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man..."

  Paul Gray




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  • The Amazing Chinese Homing Cat - In an astonishing feat of endurance and survival, a cat from Beijing walked for 40 days covering over 100 kilometres to be reunited with his former ow...more
  • Pumpkin The Halloween Cat - I already had two cats. Witchie and Taz, both Siamese. It had taken quite a bit of time and effort for Witchie to accept Taz. Plus, Taz had been the s...more
  • Train Your Cat to Love That Cat Bed - Does your cat sleep in the bed you bought him? Or does he prefer the ironing pile, the airing cupboard or, in fact, any place other than where he is s...more
  • Bird flu and cats - is your cat at risk? - With all the recent coverage, you have no doubt heard something about Avian Flu, or Bird Flu as it's is more commonly known. Media interest is very hi...more
  • Cat Talking - Is your cat talking to you? Many cat lovers claim that their feline pets talk to them. They believe their cats can communicate vocally with them and t...more

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