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"If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat..."

  Mark Twain




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  • HADJI THE CAPTIVE CAT - He was a wild cat, literally. And I went against all the rules of the time in my training of him and produced incredible, if not bizarre, results. Had...more
  • Cat Quotes - To amuse and entertain - Cat quotes from the famous and infamous to amuse and entertain...more
  • Tango and the boy who fell down the well - Tango is a large and very regal ginger tomcat that can often be found teaching the scratching post a lesson it will never forget. If it weren't for hi...more
  • Too Many Cats? - Cats are becoming increasingly popular as pets these days, and a big question is, how many cats should a family have? For some people, one is more tha...more
  • Cat Shot with Air Rifle - A cat in Jersey, which had been shot with 15 air gun pellets should make a full recovery, says the vet who is treating him. The cat had been missing f...more

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