About Us

Thanks for taking the time to find out about us. We are The Purr Company and we are interested in anything to do with cats.

We have one simple goal above all other things - to make cats happy!

We are based in Suffolk, England, and we have rapidly grown from our unusual start in 2003. The Purr Company was set up as an online marketing experiment by our parent company OBUK Internet Services (who just happen to be a bunch of self-confessed ‘weird cat people’) and initially we promoted just 1 product, Purr.

The experiment went well, Purr was well received and the company continued, partly as an ongoing test bed for our online marketing ideas but partly because we are all interested in cats and just liked working on the website.

In 2006 we decided to spin The Purr Company off into its own separate entity. Since then we’ve added masses of cat information and articles on topics from psychology to entertaining whimsy and have expanded our product range to over 100 products just for cats.

We now sell everything for cats, from carriers and baskets to beds and toys, and 2009 saw the best year ever for The Purr Company. We are currently working hard to increase our product range, add more articles and other cat info, and to become the biggest and the best specialist cat shop on the Internet.

We are proud of our efforts, which have helped to make thousands of cats happy and turned this web site an extensive online resource for all cat owners. Thank you for visiting us, we appreciate any comments or feedback you would like to send.