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Cat care tips - Flea Treatment

With summer almost upon us flea treatment is a very relevant issue for all cat owners. Here are a few tips regarding flea treatment..

  1. Only use flea treatment provided by your vet -
    Over the counter treatments can be effective and are often cheaper, however, they are also unregulated! Check out http://www.hartzvictims.org/
  2. Prevention is better than cure -
    Flea season is as good as started, if you use drops on the back of the neck (like Frontline) you can treat your cat in advance of getting them, saving your cat discomfort and embarrassment amongst their feline friends
  3. Don't forget to spray the carpet -
    Fleas and flea eggs can lie dormant for a long time in an untreated carpet, so just a few eggs can easily turn into an infestation in hot weather
  4. Don't forget to spray their bed too -
    See tip 3 for why

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