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Cat uses 5 lives in under 5 minutes

Yes, this plucky little runaway (now named Bridget, all pun intended) leapt into the international spotlight with her daring stunt last month. Stories spread across the Internet like wildfire as the tale got emailed, posted and reported on websites in virtually every country of the world.

When she decided she'd had enough of riding in the back of a truck (which may or may not have belonged to her owners) she leapt into the stream of traffic half way across the now infamous bridge, starting a chain of events that no-one could have predicted.

The driver in the car behind the truck said "We swerved out of the way and realized it was a cat," she said. "It got up and ran. People behind us swerved. It jumped the barrier to the other side of the highway and people there were swerving."

Bridget has now been re-homed with a cat carer from Augusta

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