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Frozen kitten tale is a real heart-warmer

A tiny Siamese kitten has been found almost frozen to death in Plainview Texas, and rescued in the nick of time by Culligan water employee Jonas Bernal.

Bernal thought the kitten (believed to be about seven weeks old) was already dead when he spotted her in an alley, whilst going about his business as a service technician for Culligan. Because of the predicted persistence of cold weather Bernal was just finishing the job of insulating a customer's water filter system when he noticed the poor kitty in the middle of the alley.

"I thought it was dead, really," Bernal said. "I picked her up and she was just stiff. Its eyes were all matted together. It looked like she was pretty well gone. I started rubbing it really quick. I had a toboggan on and put it in there and set it on the floorboard down by the heater," he said.

Soon, the exhausted kitten started meowing. Bernal, thought about taking the kitten home, but decided he should take her to an expert to be on the safe side.

Through the Plainview Humane Society, Bernal contacted Mrs. Phelps who has cared for dozens of injured and sick animals over the years. When she heard about the poor little kitten Mrs. Phelps quickly headed over

By the time she arrived they had managed to feed the kitten some milk, but although the signs were good the kitten's future was still far from certain, as Mrs. Phelps noted.

"She was frozen stiff, her back legs couldn't move and she was struggling to catch her breath." Said Mrs. Phelps "I figured she would die before I got her home."

Mrs. Phelps and her family persisted, keeping her warm, washing her face and giving her small amounts of milk though an eyedropper "She got real excited about the milk," Mrs. Phelps said. After a few hours and soon she was eating solid food and making good progress.

The kitten continued her recovery, and within a few days seemed fine. She is now reportedly a regular cute and fluffy kitten and you wouldn't even know the circumstances under which Mrs. Phelps had acquired her.

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