Cat reaches 100, gets telegram from Queen

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A cat in windemere, Cumbria, England, has received an honour that no other cat has ever received - a telegram from the Queen! In recent years stories have started to emerge showing a more personable side to those at the palace, but this astonishing break from protocol has to be the best yet.

Amazing as it sounds, Flook the Burmese has reached the grand old age of 100 - although it must be pointed out that we're talking cat years and in human years that's roughly 23.

Owner Chris Evans (no connection to the DJ/Broadcaster of the same name) wrote to Buckingham Palace with a somewhat tongue in cheek letter letting them know about Flook's imminent birthday.

Evans says he never really expected a reply, but shortly before Christmas a letter arrived, signed by the Queen herself, congratulating Flook on her longevity.

"when I got the letter from Buckingham Palace I nearly fell over." He said.

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