Cat Shot with Air Rifle

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A cat in Jersey, which had been shot with 15 air gun pellets should make a full recovery, says the vet who is treating him.

The cat had been missing for three days when it was found and brought to him, said vet Jeremy Miller. the cat had a broken leg, and Mr Miller spotted the pellet when the wound was x-rayed.

Upon a further check it transpired that other pellets had also lodged under its skin, despite which Mr Miller said the cat is recovering well.

"After the repair, within three days it was starting to use the leg again and now it's beginning to walk on it and now's sitting there purring away in it's cage." Said Mr Miller

In a separate incident a man in leicester has been arrested for shooting a cat, also with an airgun. The cat unfortunately lost an eye because of the wounds, despite the best efforts of the attending vets.

The 25-year-old man was taken into custody on Thursday morning and interviewed by police who have so far not issued a formal statement on the matter.

The RSPCA said over 1,000 animal injuries are cased by airguns every year in the UK.

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