Cats and heatstroke

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Cats love lying in the sun. We've all seen them, stretched out on the windowsill or in the hallway soaking up the rays that come through the glass in the front door, warming them to a state of sheer bliss

However, there is another side to the relationship cat have with the sun - heatstroke!!

Most of the time (in the UK at least) we don't have weather hot enough to worry about it, but that's all the more reason to be aware of the signs during these very hot spells we have at this time of year.

Symptoms can include increased heart rate, lethargy, respiratory difficulties, increased internal temperature and panting, but none of these symptoms may be present so it is well worth thinking preventatively and helping kitty stay cool.

The first thing to do is make sure they are well hydrated. Cats lose heat by panting, which also expels moisture, so make sure thy have plenty of fresh drinking water. It may also help to occasionally put an ice cube in, not only does it keep the water cooler but cats will often play with it, keeping them watered, cool and entertained.

Next, make sure their environment has ventilation and some shade to sit in. According to the RSPCA website a dog died in a conservatory in Essex last week from suspected heatstroke.

If you're feeling kind and have some frozen peas spare you could wrap them in a towel and put them in your cat's bed. They will keep the bed cool and will fit around the cats shape like a frozen beanbag.

Finally, if you think your cat may be suffering from heatstroke try to keep them cool and call the vet immediately for further advice!!

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