Tango and the boy who fell down the well
an amazing but true story

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Tango is a large and very regal ginger tomcat that can often be found teaching the scratching post a lesson it will never forget.

If it weren't for his gentle nature it would be easy to get intimidated by him, but even though he's the largest of our cats by a long way he's just too laid back to fall out with anyone.

When Tango was still just a couple of years old he disappeared. We were sure he'd just fallen asleep somewhere out of earshot but when he didn't come home for breakfast the next morning we were sure something was wrong.

We all went out looking for him and, thinking the worst, we scoured the main roads in the area to no avail. Walking around the housing estate and the local fields calling him didn't do any good either.

I was just about to give up when an unknown cat accosted me. I was a little surprised that, seeing how I'd never met this cat before, he was rubbing up against my leg, meowing at me very purposefully and then running a few yards away before repeating the routine.

Now, I've seen the odd episode of Lassie and always laughed at how the people always understood that the boy had fallen down the well simply from a few barks and a bit of running about, but in my desperation to find Tango I convinced myself that this cat was trying to tell me that he knew where Tango was.

Yes, I felt silly, and yes, I doubted myself, but short of other options I decided to follow the cat and see where he lead me. We walked quite a way up the road and around a few corners, with my new friend looking round regularly to see if I was still there.

Eventually he stopped and sat down in the garden of a slightly dishevelled house, before disappearing round the back.

By this point I was very aware that what I was doing was ridiculous, but none the less, I checked around me to see if anyone was about and noticing no one I walked round the side of the house.

I got to the back of the house and looked up, to my complete shock there was Tango, standing at the window, looking at me through an upstairs window scratching to get out!!

Being only 15 at the time I returned later with my Dad. After a rather protracted and heated discussion with the owner, who was almost as dishevelled as his house, my Dad eventually persuaded the man to let him in for a look.

A few minutes later he returned with Tango in his arms and the owner of the house apologising profusely, saying " well I thought I heard a cat, but I haven't got one so I ignored it"

We've never been able to find out exactly how Tango got into the house, and I've never again seen the furry friend who took me to him, but I will always be thankful to that cat.

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