Directions for use

  1. Give the Purr a good shake
  2. Apply a liberal amount of Purr to a toy or a rag. (We recommend something you're not going to want to use again as cat slobber is not the nicest complement to your new top!!)
  3. Sit back and watch your cat have the time of his life!!
  4. That's it - Simple eh?

Do's and Don'ts

Purr is completely natural and non-toxic, so there's nothing dangerous about using it, however from our experiences with trying to find the PURRfect (sorry) combination we have a list of recommended Do's and Don'ts when using Purr .

  • We have not tested this on elderly, infirm or very young cats and as cats get so excited with it we have avoided this (Sorry Fatboy, you're too old )
  • We highly recommend that you watch your cat at least the first couple of times you give him Purr . Our cats sometimes get OVER excited and for the sake of the best china we sometimes take the rag away until they calm down.
  • Over time cats seem to acquire a little tolerance to Purr , we recommend making Purr a treat and not something they have every day


Actively searching for information about the ingredients has not produced any evidence or even a suggestion of problems or side effects of any kind (and we have not had any problems reported), but this is strong stuff - we urge you to use your common sense.

We do not recommend Purr is given to elderly, ill, infirm, sensitive or very young cats. If you think your cat might have problems arising from over excitement or allergies then you should play it safe and give Purr a miss.

1 x 10ml Bottle : £3.99

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