One Goal, One Passion, Happy Cats!

"Cats are a tonic, they are a laugh, they are a cuddle, they are at least pretty just about all of the time and beautiful some of the time..."

  Roger Caras




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  • Cats Can Have Allergies Too - It is a little known fact that most mammals suffer from some form of allergy. Most of these go unnoticed as, upon contact with an allergen, the immune...more
  • Freedom of Information Act reveals Home Office secrets - Thanks to the newly enshrined Freedom of Information Act numerous Internet articles have begun to reveal the previously secret details of the Home Off...more
  • Top 15 Cat Quotations - Gain some insight into how your favorite feline actually feels about you and life in general with these enlightening quotations about cats... Dogs co...more
  • Too Many Cats? - Cats are becoming increasingly popular as pets these days, and a big question is, how many cats should a family have? For some people, one is more tha...more
  • Grouse seeks mouser - Bosses at the Famous Grouse distillery in Crieff, Perthshire are searching for a successor to Towser, the world record-breaking mouse catcher who sadl...more

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