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Bones - one a family of funny cats!!There is a lot of speculation and conjecture about the true nature of cats personalities. Some people even insist that cats are basically automatons, and we project our own views onto their behaviour in the form of personality. Personally, I can only assume that these people have never met any such funny cats as Bones!!

Bones was rescued at a critical moment. Had he been found a minute later it would surely have been too late. As Sam came around the corner she saw a small girl with two kittens, holding one of them by the head and bashing him against the pavement like a ragdoll.

There was only one possible outcome to Sam happening across this scene - Bones and his brother Rags were immediately conscripted into the family!!

We can only speculate as to what effect this terrible experience has had on Bones' personality, but it's comforting to think that he probably (hopefully) doesn't remember it, and that this may, in part, be what has lead to his being such a hilariously funny cat!!

Ever keen and enthusiastic, rarely down or lethargic, Bones is gentle, wild, mischievous, sarcastic - he has a wicked sense of humour and loves to take any opportunity to prove you a liar.

Many times he will walk in and calmly and greet a guest - at the precise moment you are saying 'Bones is on a mad one today', or you say 'Bones isn't feeling well today' just as he whooshes past your feet, hot on the heels of one of his feline companions!

I know this is not TOO unusual for a cat, but added to his very funny personality, what is most odd about Bones is his love of poison!!

Rags - Bones' brother, rescued at the same time.Yes, you read it right, bones loves to eat any plant that is even remotely toxic. He ate Sam's Peace Lilly (twice), he's eats every toxic plant that goes in the flower bed, he even ate the marijuana plant some students were growing in a garden down the road! (They weren't at all happy, but Bones seemed very relaxed about the whole situation)

After each 'feast' he promptly throws the entire meal up in the kitchen and sprints around the house looking very pleased with himself, although this didn't happen with the dope plant, he just laid in front of the TV for the whole day. (I got the impression he was trying to work out how to order a Pizza)

Measures have now been taken to hinder this behaviour. The Peace Lilly now lives with Sam's Mum, and only harmless plants go into the flower beds - which he generally ignores, but no matter how hard we try he still manages to find plants that he can then 'deliver' all over the kitchen floor before his victory lap!

This is the first in a series of articles I will be writing about 5 very funny cats that can be found on/under/around my desk on a daily basis, please keep checking back for the rest of the series.

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