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For this month's mews-letter we've compiled a countdown of our top 10 cat treats, toys and other cat stuff we like.

These have not been voted for, we just had a discussion around the office about what we like (or actually, what the cats seem to like) so please excuse our absolute lack of impartiality, demonstrated by our choice for the number 1 spot - can you guess what it is without
looking? ;-)

10 - Mouse pointers, Video Catnip and Cat TV

In the last spot are animated widgets moving on the computer screen that the cats can chase - AKA video Catnip, AKA getting on my desk and chasing the mouse pointer when I'm on a time limit and have some work to do. It goes down well with 2 of our cats the other 3 don't seem to get it.

9 - Scratching post

Since training all of our cats to Prefer the Post they seem to kill posts on a pretty regular basis. I think we've actually reached critical mass here and there are more posts than cats so the wearing has slowed a bit recently. They still avoid the soft furnishings too so everyone wins!

All cats demonstrate this behaviour get into and is a part of natural behaviour for every cat. Treats like this are good for the owner as much as the cat.

8 - Crinkle Play Bag

These bags are about 1 foot squared, are made of cotton with some kind of plastic feel inner layer that makes a crunchy noise and have a bag of catnip in the bottom.

Although Mitz has claimed the first bag for herself, all of the cats get to play with the second one we bought. All our cat's absolutely love it but we decided to start hiding it at night when Mitz decided that 3am was about the right time to really show the bag who's boss.

7 - Furry Mice

The classic furry mouse, there's a hundred variations of size colour, shape and smell but cats love them all. Our Purr mice are made from real rabbit fur and come pre-scented with Purr.

6 - Cat Track (AKA Crazy Circle, AKA Cat-Go-Nutz)

I saw someone on a message board talking about how their cat loves her Cat Track and forgot all about it until the next time I went into the petshop. I went in to buy a new scratching post and look for other treats but when I saw this I decided it must be kismet and bought it right away.

It's essentially a plastic donut that has a ball stuck inside and lots of holes for the cat to paw the ball with.

Every one of our cats seems to love the challenge of catching the ball, which is actually impossible but they give it a darn good go. When they give up on the ball they veraciously attack the toy in the middle.

5 - Glitter balls

We got sent one of these as a part of a toy-swapping scheme on the message boards. As you would expect all the cats were interested in the bag of stuff that arrived but as soon as we got out the glitter ball Fluffball swiped it, ran off with it and hid until it was safe to come out and play.

I still don't know what the fascination was but she never let anyone else near it and destroyed it in about a week. It was an easy decision to start selling them with the scent of Purr added, although we do have to keep the stock under lock and key to keep it safe!!

4 - String

The old ones are sometimes the best ones, as is proven by the classic cat toy - a piece of string. This can obviously be substituted for a shoelace, a length of wool, a phone cord or anything of the sort that can be dragged about the place, but whatever you use I'm not sure there is anything that will ever be as iconic when it comes to cats and play.

3 - Laser pointer

Completely contradicting myself, the modern toys are
the best! :-P

I don't think I've ever met a cat that can resist the allure of a red dot moving in front of it at high velocity. Whether along the floor, up the wall or behind a challenging obstacle, a mix of hunting instinct and curiosity always kicks in and that red dot is toast!

Caution: be careful not to shine a laser into your cat's eyes!!

2 - cardboard box

Just like kids, sometimes cats prefer the packaging to the toy and making it to the number 2 spot is the ubiquitous cardboard box. Whether sleeping, hunting, hiding or just sitting observing, cardboard boxes of all sized are overwhelmingly tempting to any moggy - that is, unless they sense a trip to the vet is imminent.

1 - Purr

Of course we're biased, of course we're going to make it our number 1 cat treat - we love it, our cats love it, your cats love it - it's PURR!!

An organic mixture of herb extracts that cats find irresistible, we stand firmly by our guarantee - Purr is better than catnip!! We are so confident we will issue a refund to anyone who is not entirely happy, but we're very rarely asked to!

Bonus treat - the 'Under the covers game'

We hope you've enjoyed out top 10 cat treats toys and games, but there's one treat our cats love that didn't make it to the list although it deserves a mention. For the uninitiated here's how it works - place cat on bed, place hand under covers, move hand about.

Just one word of warning, make sure you have thick covers. If your cat is anything like Rags you'll be glad you did!

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