One Goal, One Passion, Happy Cats!

"Poets generally love cats--because poets have no delusions about their own superiority..."

  Marion Garretty




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  • Read Your Cat's Body Language - Meow! That is the sound you hear when you meet your cat walking down the doorway. It will move with his head and tail held high, looking directly at y...more
  • Maine Coon Cats: Maine's Gift to Cat Lovers - Maine coon cats are an American classic, a contribution to our history and culture that only Maine could provide. This hardy, handsome breed of domest...more
  • As Mad as a Catter - Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, president of Stanley Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, is investigating a link between a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii...more
  • Signs You Might Be A Cat - Signs you might be a cat include yowling at a full moon, complaints about your litter box, a love of string and many other strange behaviours - watch ...more
  • The Wild And The Tame - The Bengal Cat - A relatively new cat breed first bred in the U.S., the Bengal cat was created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. Over time, this br...more

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