For Happy Cats, just add Purr!!

Just add a few drops of Purr!! to an old Catnip toy, a regular toy,
or almost anything and watch her go wild!!

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  1. Special Cats Deserve Special Treats
  2. Old and long ignored toys live again!!
  3. New cat-bed? Add Purr!! for instant interest
  4. if your cat is bored
  5. Going on a journey?
  6. Scratching post training
  7. Secret Formula
  8. Purr!! blows Catnip out of the water!
  9. Cats + Purr!! = Fun!!
  10. 100% Natural Ingredients
  11. 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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Purr!! Makes any toy a catnip toy in seconds!!
1 x 10ml bottle of Purr!!



Special cats deserve special treats

Purr, the superior treat for your catIf you're like us you like to treat your cat the way she deserves to be treated. Lots of fuss and occasional treats are the order of the day, and any new ideas that come along go straight in the shopping basket and tested at the first opportunity.

Some of them work well and are an instant hit, some of them don't and are completely ignored - Purr!! stands head and shoulders above them all. (See the feedback)


Old and long ignored toys
live again!!

Try Purr on a regular old or even an old catnip toyJust put a few drops of Purr!! onto an old and long ignored toy (even a worn out catnip toy) and watch it spring back to life (in the cat's eyes anyway).

We get a lot of feedback telling us how the toy she 'never even looked at' when it was new, became 'a total hit within seconds' of adding Purr!!'(See the feedback)


New cat-bed? Add Purr!!
for instant interest

We all know how disappointing it can be when we excitedly buy a new cat bed / house / blanket and proudly present it to her, only to be given a contemptuous look that says 'Yes, very nice. Now feed me'.

...add some purr!! and watch the attitude change!!

Want to try purr!! on your new cat bed? Order Here Now


If your cat is bored…

Cats of all breeds love Purr...try giving her some Purr!! One of my cats has a low boredom threshold. Some days she just won't leave me alone to get on with anything, and demands a fuss all the time.

On these days I put a few drops of Purr!! on a toy mouse and off she goes playing for a good half hour or more, before falling asleep on the bed!


Getting prepared for a journey?

Cat got a fear of the cat carrier? Not mineIf you're going on a journey, moving house, or taking the cat to the vet, get the cat carrier out a few days before and put a toy with some purr!! in there.

By getting your cat used to the carrier she will be more comfortable on the journey, and won't be so difficult to get in the carrier in the first place!!

NOTE: Vets recommend animals are kept calm whilst on the move, and Purr!! does exactly the opposite!! We wouldn't recommend giving Purr!! to cats whilst in the cat carrier and ON the journey.


Scratching Post Training

You can even use Purr!! to train your cat...

Cat carer Rod Green of St. Leonards has become one of our best and most regular customers, and has not only donated the above picture but he has also donated a large collection of pictures to the gallery section - many thanks Rod


Secret Formula you can't buy in
Tesco or Wal Mart

Try our unique pet product just for catsPurr!! is our own proprietary pet product and the secret formula is exclusive to us.

You can't buy Purr in Tesco, Wal Mart or any of the large chains of stores. In fact the only places you can buy Purr are here, eBay (from us) and in a small handful of independent pet shops around the UK.


Purr blows Catnip out of the water!

Purr, the superior treat for your catIf your cat likes Catnip, you should check out the reaction to Purr!! If your cat doesn't like Catnip, she'll probably love purr anyway - Purr is THE superior treat for your cat

We get regular comments from cat owners saying that their cats show little or no interest for catnip but go loopy for Purr. (See the feedback)

You have nothing to lose by giving it a try - Check out our 100% money back guarantee!!


Cats + Purr = Fun

One of the best things about Purr, is that you have almost as much fun as the Cat!!.

Having 5 cats it has become a regular pastime round here - nothing on TV? let's give the cats some Purr!! (See the feedback)


100% Natural Ingredients

Being interested in cat care, you'll be pleased to know Purr is made from all natural plant extracts that can be found in homeopathic remedies, some of which are centuries old.

There are no toxic substances in Purr and to the best of our ability we try to make sure all ingredients are organic (although this is not always within our control)

There is no evidence or even suggestion that Purr or any of the ingredients have ever harmed any person or animal anywhere - ever!!

please make sure you read and follow the simple directions and precautions


100% Money Back Guarantee!
No 'if's No 'but's!!

Purr works, That's why we guarantee it!!Purr is the ultimate cat treat, head and shoulders above anything else in the market, that's why we guarantee it with this promise.

If you are not entirely satisfied for ANY reason, just send it back and We'll refund your money PLUS the cost of return postage (within the UK)

Don't like the colour of the envelope it came in? Didn't think it was good value? Cat didn't like it? Send it back for a full refund - NO 'IF'S NO 'BUT'S!!


1 x 10ml bottle of Purr