Cat Picture Gallery

Here we have our gallery of cute or funny cat pictures for your entertainment. (as well as our own!!)

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The Cats

Name ,
Age 3
Breed 1

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Age şşşşşşş
Breed şşşşşşş

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Simba the tabby cat Name
Age 14
Breed Tabby
Simba likes to sit all day inside, on our window sill. Protecting the house from other felines. He is very grumpy and doens't really like a cuddle (unless it's cold). His favourite treat is prawns.

Tobi and Pixie
Tobi and Pixie the ginger and black & white kittens sleeping mini.jpg Name Tobi and Pixie
Age 1 year
Breed Moggy
Tobi is the black and white little male, Pixie is the ginger female one. These snaps were taken in July last year when they were only about 8 weeks old. He is bigger than her, fast and purrs really loudly, but she is the real hunter, she may be smaller and quieter, but she makes up for it in ‘gifts’. We got them in July and over the last 8 months have had many mice, moles and even a bird through the cat flap, mostly from her.

The Salman Tribe
Max and Mini - a very lovable pair of cats Name Max, Mini
Age 1 - 2 years
Breed Moggy
Max likes going outside for walks on his leash. His favorite game is to bring down the toy mouse when we throw it upstairs.Mini is very gentle and would never try to bite or scratch. We named her Mini because of her size when we first saw her.

Fuzz the Ginger Tom Name Fuzz
Age 12
Breed Moggy
Fuzz is a laid back cat. He loves his box and his catnip mat.

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