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Tabby's Gallery

Tabby the friendly rescue cat Name Tabby - Kitten, Monster or Monkey
Age 2ish
Breed 'Moggy
Kitten came to us in October last year having spent 4 months recuperating in the vets. She had been hit by a car and no-one came to claim her so she was offered to us. She's not a manx - she had her tail amputated!

An extremely relaxed cat, she spends most of her day asleep in the wardrobe. She's so laid back that you can turn her upside down and all she does is purr... She's also a cheeky beggar and manages to get away with far too much mischief.

Tabby with a missing tail
Tabby is not a manx Cat

Tabby looking attentive on the bed
Tabby relaxing on the bed

Tabby the cat wearing socks to sleep!
Tabby - Sleeping her socks off

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