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Rudy's Gallery

Rudy the Siamese cat loves Tipper the rabbit! Name Rudy
Age 2
Breed 'Persian, Himalayan and Siamese
I actually found him at my Grandma\'s house when he was a kitten. He\'s an amazing cat, with a weird personality. For starters, He\'s best friends with my pet rabbit Tipper. They play like they\'re both cats. And he\'ll even cry cuz he wants in the rabbits cage with him sometimes.

He plays fetch. But he will only do it with hair ties. And they have to be certain ones. He\'ll bring it to you meowing, then you\'ll throw it and he\'ll run and get it and bring it back.

He also has a toilet paper fetish. He\'ll go in the bathroom and open up the bathroom cabinet and get whole rolls of toilet paper and have it in his mouth running through the house meowing lol. I dont know why he does it either, but he\'s done it since he was a kitten. And he LOVES showers. which is weird. He likes showers better than baths lol.

Anyways, Here\'s some pics of him. the one with him by hiself on the floor looking up is when he was little. The ones with the rabbit and him are recent. I know his eyes look evil red on most of these pictures, but it\'s because of the camera I think. He Actaully has Ocean Blue eyes. Very pretty in the sun.

Rudy the Siamese Cat and Tipper the rabbit spending time in Tippers cage
Rudy and Tipper in the cage

Rudy the Siamese Cat and Tipper the Rabbit in Tippers Cage with the door open
Rudy and Tipper hanging out in the cage - no prisoners here

Rudy the Siamese as a young cat

Rudy the Siamese cat and Tipper the rabbit are the best of friends
Rudy and Tipper are the best of friends

Rudy the cat and Tipper the Rabbit having a cuddle

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