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Austin's Gallery

Austin the cat - Picture Gallery Name Austin
Age 4
Breed 'Tortie
A real Lap cat, not averse to bringing in the odd mouse, sleeps for about 20 hours a day and enjoys curry and steak! Oh, and as cute as a button!

Austin the tortoiseshell cat looking comfy

Austin the cat, hiding under the video

Austin the cat - Why do they love boxes so much?
Cat Law 1 - If it's a box I'll sit in it!

Austin the cat, drinking a pint
Cat Law 2 - If it's in a glass I'll drink it!!

Austin the cat, not using his bed
Cat Law 3 - If you bought it for me, I don't want it!!
(A few drops of Purr!! usually cures this, and
a bottle is on it's way to you! Thanks Rachel)

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