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Cat Confidential

Cat Confidential: The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read book cover

Cat Confidential: The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read
By Vicky Halls

Vicky Halls is a best selling author and one of the worlds leading experts on cat psychology. In this, her first of several critically acclaimed books on cats, she explores the feline psyche and all its many intriguing facets.

Covering topics like multi-cat households, indoor cats, extreme behaviour and many more, this book is sure to answer many of the most pressing questions any cat owner would love to have answered.

Vicky Hallsí simple yet precise manner explains clearly what is going on and gives a great insight into the principles behind cat psychology, making it easy to interpret ones own cats behaviour and apply simple methods to solve problems.

If you have read any of Vicky Hallsí other books youíll know what to expect and you wont be disappointed with this one, if youíve never read any of her books this is a great place to start.

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